Where Artist and Music are ONE FAMILY.

Saint Antony Records 


The Independet Label made by Artist for Artist  coming from the Real Hood.

More Music , More Opportunity

Saint Anthony Records

Was founded in 2016 by  the  DJ - Producer  "RD23" & BAD-ROC, as subsidiary of Kame Inc. Records. In 2018.This is a great concept of being  a Label,same time  a big family into the Music World. The Goal is to give a chance to the artist that as Talent but not resources.

2020  RD23 Founded SAntony LATAM , working together with the Amazing Composer YOung Happy , from this collaboration Bad-Roc made the Smashing hit single FOREVER, breaking any rulez and concept , Is a fusion of Both Worlds ,  COLOMBIA meets RUSSIA.

© 2023 SAntony  Records / a time Kame Inc. Records 
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